Benefits of yoga for children

Yoga is inclusive so children who don’t normally participate in sport enjoy the challenges of yoga because it is non-competitive. It enables them to enjoy exercise without the pressure often associated with team sports.

Yoga can also help children who are particularly good at competitive sports. By giving them a better knowledge of their body, they can improve their technique giving them more balance and strength.

Benefits to the children, school and school community:

  • Decreases anxiety and fear: children who are ‘stressed’ can learn to deal with anxiety through breathing and relaxation. Yoga is proven to relieve stress.
  • Increases concentration and focus: children learn to focus without getting distracted, especially students with ADHD. Yoga trains the mind to focus on the present moment.
  • Increases balance and fine motor skills: children learn poses which help them concentrate and become grounded.
  • Increases flexibility: learning flexibility as a child decreases issues with mobility as an adult.
  • Increases harmony and happiness: yoga creates harmonious atmosphere where children learn to respect one another. All the moves are non-violent and promote a happy, balanced, grounded lifestyle. Yoga can actually help in alleviating depression and improving a person’s mood, from negative to positive.
  • Promotes healthy living: yoga can help those who are struggling to lose weight. Yoga promotes burning of calories and fats and can also increase a person’s self-esteem and confidence. Yoga also promotes a better well-being and prevention of diseases.
  • Increases strength: yoga positions utiliise every muscle in the body, therefore when children do these positions regularly, they will gain muscle strength.
  • Increases relaxation: yoga promotes proper breathing. It improves the overall lung function. With the adequate supply of oxygen in the body, relaxation is promoted.
  • More RFF for teachers: as Mr Yoga is a qualified primary school teacher, the school does not need to provide additional resources to supervise the classes.

 “Today’s children are dealing with major issues – obesity is just one of them. Yoga is truly holistic. Children get physical, emotional and mental benefits from it. Sporty ones can improve their performance. Not-so-sporty children an find a flexibility they didn’t know they had.” Yoga for Kids: New York’s latest trend


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