Why choose Mr. Yoga Australia

1. A fresh new sport: Yoga is non-competitive, non-violent and a great alternative to traditional school sports

2. Yoga is for everyone. Yoga builds balance, flexibility and strength for students who are good at sport. Students who do not normally enjoy sport will love the non-competitive challenges of yoga. They will enjoy the exercise without the pressure often associated with team sports.

3. Be active! Students are active and participating the entire time during the yoga class – no one waiting on the sidelines for their turn or not participating.

4. Learn patience and concentration: the yoga poses are progressive and challenge students in a gentle and patient way. Good for students with ADHD.

5. A happier school: Yoga promotes happiness and calmness which leads to decreased levels of stress, sickness, bullying and obesity

6. Promotes good health: Students learn how to focus on the present moment, be kind to their bodies and lead a happy life. Also, yoga has a low risk of injury as yoga is gentle on the body.

7. Low cost activity: Little equipment is required – just some floor space and mats

8. Not weather dependent: yoga can be practised indoors or outdoors – so no need to leave the school grounds!

9. Mr Yoga (Troy Osman) is a qualified primary school and yoga teacher. No need for the school to provide an additional teacher to supervise. A great way to provide the mandatory RFF (relief from face-to-face) for teachers

10. All of Mr Yoga’s classes are covered by Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance

11. Mr Yoga’s program includes a tailored program for each school Stage including lesson outlines with demonstrable outcomes linked to the Personal Development, Health and Physical Education Syllabus

12. Measure your progress: Mr Yoga’s program includes report comments for every student who participates in the program, plus a weekly column for your school’s newsletter including tips on how to practice poses at home

13. Mr Yoga’s classes are unique: the classes involve musical instruments including the didgeridoo, Tibetan singing bowl and ends with a session of gratitude. The poses are appropriately named after Australian animals which is relevant for the Australian classroom

14. Specialised HSC programs are also available for Year 11 and 12 students that provide focus on breathing, stress management and clearing the mind to focus on study

15. Try before you buy: Mr Yoga offers a free introductory lesson for all schools to experience the benefits of yoga

BONUS: For every school that signs up to the Mr Yoga program, Mr Yoga will provide a free weekly yoga class for the staff

Mr Yoga Australia – the story so far…