Mr Yoga Australia’s “Calming the Classroom” video

Mr Yoga Australia’s video on the “Calming the Classroom” Yoga & Mindfulness program is online now. Click on the link to hear Mr Yoga talk about the program plus hear from the Bronte Public School Principal, Teacher and Students on why they love the Mr Yoga Australia program in their school community.


2 thoughts on “Mr Yoga Australia’s “Calming the Classroom” video

  1. Wow! How beautiful to see the children enjoying the yoga and to hear about how it is helping them in so many ways. Our son, Michael, is in kindy and loves it so much that he gives our whole family a yoga lesson every Monday night. He remembers lots of poses and insists on good behavior in his class. Thank you from the Jenkins family.

    • Hi Kiri, thank you very much for your feedback. I’m so pleased to hear Michael is enjoying the lessons and also teaching them to the family (sounds like he may be a future Mr Yoga!). Looking forward to teaching Michael again next year. Thanks, Mr Yoga Australia 🙂

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