About Mr. Yoga Australia

Mr Yoga

Troy Osman (Mr. Yoga Australia) has been practicing yoga for over 20 years.

He is a fully qualified school teacher (B. Arts and Dip. Ed) and completed yoga teaching training at Samadhi Yoga in Newtown and Zenergy for Kids in Manly.

Troy has experience controlling all types of classroom behaviour and can supervise the class without the school having to provide another teacher.

Troy has worked in schools from the remote towns in Western Australia’s Kimberley region to schools in Sydney.

He has taught yoga to over 3,000 students from pre-school to high school since 2009.

A positive role model, Troy is passionate about bringing yoga, calming and mindfulness into Australia’s schools.

Troy is a volunteer Surf Life Saver at North Bondi Surf Life Saving Club, a winter swimmer at “Icebergs”, enjoys all sports especially Aussie Rules and Cricket and practices yoga daily. Troy and his wife Emily live in Sydney’s Inner West with their two young children.

For more information, contact Mr. Yoga Australia on 0429 415 468.

Mr Yoga @ the beach


4 thoughts on “About Mr. Yoga Australia

  1. Good Morning Troy,
    My son Luka is doing yoga with you in after school care at Yeo Park infants school.
    I just wanted to let you know he is really enjoying it. He comes home and shows me all the different poses he has learnt.
    Thank you
    Regards Jenny seers

    • Hi Jenny,

      Thank you for your message. I’m pleased to hear that Luka is enjoying yoga classes. As a primary school teacher, I know that children need to learn how to keep calm and focus.

      Thank you for your feedback – I really appreciate it.

      Mr Yoga

  2. Dear M. Osman,
    Although I do not yet have children, I have been practising yoga for a few years now and have experienced, as well as seen, first hand, its immeasurable benefits. I have been thinking for quite some time how wonderful it would be for schools to offer yoga to their students. Then, I read the article in the Sunday Telegraph about what you do. I just wanted to thank you for bringing some peace and calm to some of our young people. If yoga became a mandatory “sport” in our schools, our younger generations would live in a much more peaceful and balanced world! Thank you again!

    • Hi Elianne,
      Thank you for your comments and feedback on my recent article. I too have been practicing yoga for many years now and am very passionate about children learning the calming and stretching techniques from a young age. In a world where kids are put under pressure with school work, after school activities etc – yoga is a calming influence in a hectic world. Thank you and keep up the yoga. Stay tuned for Mr Yoga’s adventures in the Australia classroom! Mr Yoga Australia

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