“Mr Osman (Mr Yoga) teaches Yoga at our school for students (Darlinghurst Primary School). My boys (aged 7 and 10) attend his classes as a way of becoming more flexible, coordinated and more focused in their day. They love the welcome and calming environment, especially at the end of a long and (for them) stressful week. This has shown benefits during school activities as well as in their personal lives. My eldest son has chronic sleep problems and now utilises the techniques he has learned from Mr Osman to help calm himself, focus on his breathing and then fall into a deeper, more contented sleep. I have nothing but praise for these Yoga classes and Mr Yoga. I have seen the benefits first hand and would recommend them to anyone considering them”. (N. Witt, Parent, Surry Hills NSW)

“I feel strong and happy because I’ve spoken to my skin and bones and now they’re strong and happy”. (Oliver, Kindergarten)

“Yoga makes me feel find and happy, just like how I feel when I play with my puppy dog”. (Sean, Kindergarten)

“My body felt all scrunched up and now it’s all been released”. (Hugo, year 2)

“I feel calm and happy with no more worries in my head. I feel kind and that life will be fine”. (Allegra, Year 3)

Testimonial from Mr Yoga’s Pro-bono summer program to underprivileged teens at Caretakers Cottage:

“Caretakers Cottage is a Youth Refuge on Bondi Road that accommodates homeless Young People between the ages of 13-18. The Young People come from a real diversity of backgrounds, with a common theme of disadvantage and a lack of parenting. For example, in one of the classes you kindly provided to our kids, we had refugee young people from Sudan and Afghanistan, a young man with asbergers syndrome, another escaping family violence and a young woman beginning to recover from substance misuse problems.

The affect of yoga and the lovely space offered by KM Yoga school on the young people was immediately obvious, the environment and Troy’s friendly and non-threatening teaching style allowed the kids to relax into the lessons, even though the whole experience was a bit alien to each of them. They particularly seemed to enjoy some of the challenges put to them (the handstands!) and all commented afterwards that they found it to be a surprisingly strenuous workout. One of the less-fit young people also said he enjoyed it because he found the exercises gentle enough for a beginner, and he found the whole gym environment too intimidating for him, whereas yoga was something he thought he would be able to pursue in daily life.

Troy’s excellent child and youth friendly engagement skills also helped get the kids into the moment, his frequent reassurances throughout the lesson and reminders that yoga is free of judgement and competition helped the kids put aside insecurities and competitiveness. They also REALLY got into the final relaxation part of the workshop, and were blown away by Troys digeridoo skills!

Caretakers Cottage would like to extend a HUGE Thankyou to Troy Osman and KM Yoga for the free classes offered to us over the summer holidays, they helped make the long school break a little bit less stressful and boring for us all!” (Katie Green, Caseworker, Caretakers Cottage Bondi).

“As a parent to four year old twin boys, and a school teacher myself, I understand the need for children to maintain a happy disposition and stay calm throughout the day. Mr Yoga has done wonders for my twins. They come out of his class happy, relaxed and much calmer. The lessons are well structured and I highly recommend Mr Yoga to anybody”. (Roger Nee, parent to 7 year old twin boys and also a school teacher).


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